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What are the top smart homes for seniors in Dothan?

May 06, 2024
Senior couple relaxing on a couch and viewing a smartphone

Residents of all age groups can gain from added protection and convenience in their lives, including senior citizens. This is the reason why smart homes are such a fantastic investment. Just think about having your home security system lock doors and switch on smart lights automatically every day. The leading smart homes for seniors in Dothan will make life easier and provide peace of mind. Learn how they are able to do so.

Home automation in Dothan is a wise choice for seniors

Due to the natural process of aging, everyone experiences more frequent pain and discomfort, and countless homeowners could have decreased mobility. Why not have your home security system assist you? Dothan smart homes give you the chance to do things like design schedules for door locks and lights. You may even install thermostats that learn your usual settings and update on their own. Even if you aren’t using automation, you are able to control devices remotely from your phone or tablet.

If you’re fretting about mastering your smart home touchscreen or home security app, your experienced installation crew can help. But you ought to know that automation has been in use for quite a few years, and systems keep getting more user-friendly.

Control components with simple vocal commands

Feeling a bit toasty or did your forget to flip the lights on before unwinding in your recliner to read a book? If you opt for a smart home and add a smart speaker, you won’t need to get back up. Just vocalize a basic command to adjust the thermostat, switch lighting off or on, or even secure your main entry. Leading home security packages work with popular voice-activated components from Google and Amazon.

Get the job done right with skilled smart home installations

There’s no reason to worry yourself with tools and ladders if you have restricted mobility or other health conditions. Alternatively, let the trained pros handle your smart home project. Most trustworthy home security providers provide professional installs at a reasonable fee, an excellent alternative for seniors. You’ll be thankful for the efficient service and the support from skilled technicians. There’s no reason to put your health in danger. Instead, choose the professionals.

Live confidently with 24-hour monitoring in Dothan

You want to stay in your own house, but to meet that goal, you must be assured that support is always available. Your smart home may help with round-the-clock professional monitoring. If an alarm goes off, your dedicated monitoring staff will know right away and take measures to confirm your safety and give you help. You might opt for an emergency medical alert for even more peace of mind. If you fall down or encounter a medical crisis, you can immediately summon help by touching a button. These safeguards will boost your confidence and allow you to stay at home.

Make your life easier with a Vivint smart home in Dothan

Stay independent and safeguarded with the help of a Vivint smart home in Dothan. Our home security installations, with 24-7 monitoring and professional installation, are perfect for seniors. You may even get an emergency medical device for added peace of mind. Call (334) 378-2166 today to get more information and schedule an appointment.